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  • ESTATES: If you need to liquidate an entire estate, or just a few items, and the proceeds divided between the heirs. We can do an entire estate at our auction facility, located at 506 Washington Blvd in Ogden, for a special auction; or, we hold a weekly auction where a few items may be consigned.

  • DIVORCES: If you are unable to divide your property and want it turned into liquid cash, we can auction your disputed items.

  • TRUSTS: If you have merchandisable personal property you would like to turn into money to put into your trust funds, we provide a good market.

  • APPRAISALS: If your divorce or estate simply needs to know the worth of the personal property, I do provide court approved appraisal service. Many times you simply need an insurance appraisal; or one before the moving van arrives.

  • BANKRUPTCY: If an individual, company or corporation is required to liquidate their assets to satisfy creditors, we can readily be their solution.

Please feel free to call and discuss the alternatives!

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Do you need the services of an auctioneer to handle your estate??

You may if any of the following apply:

  • There has been a death in the family and you need to liquidate the contents of a home, storage shed, business, etc.

  • You are moving and will not be needing all of your present furniture, tools, nick-knacks, etc

  • You are retiring and scaling down what you will needin a smaller home or condo

  • There has been a divorce and you are
     liquidating joint property



COURT APPROVED personal property appraiser.

  • If you are settling an estate, you may need an appraisal for tax purposes or simply to divide the contents equitably between the heirs.

  • In case of a divorce, an appraisal may be required to divide your holdings.

  • In many cases an appraisal may be required for insurance purposes.

  • If you are moving, you may need an appraisal of your personal property before the moving van arrives in case of damage.

With 57 years experience, Doug can get the job done

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